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Inside Outside

6th June - 28th July  2017

Stef Mitchell is a  full time artist, curator and educator. Working directly with nature Stef makes monoprints and folded books that create an edge from which the organic accident and intentional mark can be read. The plants tell their own narratives and the reader interacts through viewing, holding and folding.


Her practice grows from an ongoing relationship with the landscape, specifically travelling through it. Current work explores walking through the landscape, recording walks, documenting set aside, field edges and the effects of weather patterns on plant growth. This is pursued in printmaking by working directly with plants. The ink and paper having equal say in the process.

Paintings are studio-based, referencing remembered marks and spaces made in prior prints and photography.

Focusing on process, material and spatial elements, Stef examines how attention can be drawn to the materiality of paint or ink whilst at the same time engaging the viewer with spatial depth.

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