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Anthony Housman

Anthony Housman was born in 1977, in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. He completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London, in 1999 and he currently lives and works in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Housman makes abstract paintings that contain motifs and dissolving shapes which take their cue from domestic and recreational sources. His paintings are usually begun by what he calls an ‘activation of the canvas’; a flurry of diluted gestures of acrylic paint and charcoal marks, from which he looks to assimilate apparitions of space by gradually introducing heavier areas of colour and increasingly solid forms. His approach to painting aims at developing a dialogue between the intentional and the incidental. Some of his paintings also contain collage elements such as canvas off-cuts and palette residue, added to expose the materiality of the painting process.

Anthony Housman has since 1999 exhibited throughout the UK and the Humber region as part of both solo and numerous group exhibitions, most recently Kardomah 94, Hull; Creation Fine Arts, Beverley and Gate Gallery, Grimsby.

More Works From Anthony Housman

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