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Jenny Morten

Jenny Morten is a Professional member of the Craft Potters Association. Her ceramic forms are hand built by pinching and coiling or wheel thrown and altered. She makes individual sculptural pieces - mostly vessels, non-functional bowls and hollow forms.

 Jenny lives and works from her home and studio in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.


Her ceramics have always been about Time.


Inspired by the coastal geology and marine fossils of a childhood in North Yorkshire, followed by travels across 3 continents, from California's earthquake riven landscape, to Cornwall's high cliffs, stacks and coves, and back to the Jurassic coastline of North East England, my lifelong journey has been to seek out and investigate how I could create equivalents in art which demonstrate the power of natural forces I have witnessed, coupled with the desire to create beautiful refined vessels.


In this way the work takes on a higher meaning - the balance, fragility and multi-layered surfaces acting as a metaphor for the precarious nature of our own existence.

More Works From Jenny Morten

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