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Rob Moore

I am a painter with many years experience of making work. I have a strong interest in drawing and printmaking and keep sketchbooks which record observations, memories and feelings which inform the larger scale oil painted images. In recent years my work has reflected a feel for place experienced in the East Yorkshire Wolds where I live and also other less familiar landscapes observed on my travels. The work remains experimental and exploratory both in terms of content and the manipulation of media.


I am interested in abstraction, suggestion, atmosphere, space and touching upon feelings of awe, intrigue and excitement which cannot be easily articulated  in any other way than through imagery. The work is very much like the walks that often inspire the imagery, in that I set off, meander, halt, take a wrong turn and then reach the destination. The destination is not however predetermined but I know when I get there. I make images which evoke an area between the real and the imaginary and that have recently touched upon the fragility of our planet. I am involved in a sort of creative journey which often surprises , sometimes disappoints but is always interesting.


My recent work which is starting to appear on this site will indicate a shift in content to embrace more imagined places which reflect the vulnerability of our earth. The new work sees a return to a less restricted colour palette. 

More Works From Rob Moore

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